Wake Up Millennials, Nothing’s Free

Wake Up Millennials, Nothing’s Free

With Bernie Sanders winning by more than fifty thousand votes ahead of Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, it’s clear there’s been a shift in who democrats and liberals are putting their confidence in. This is especially true for millennials who, by a margin of sixty-seven percent, favored the Vermont senator, according to New Hampshire exit polls. No doubt this is due, in large part, to Sander’s pledge to get rid of school tuition in public institutions.

While it’s no surprise that more adults ages 18-29 favor the socialist grandpa over the lying criminal, it is surprising that the same individuals who have amassed large amounts of debt think it’s possible for it to vanish entirely. Newsflash for my fellow millennials- Nothing is free.

During Sanders’s campaign, he’s proposed that Americans adopt policies more in line with those of Denmark and Sweden, wanting the federal and state governments to foot the bill. Another term for this is- the taxpayer. Not only has Sanders’s own college education failed him in regards to how economics actually works, he doesn’t realize that these countries have much higher tax rates in order to keep up with the costs of education.

There has never been free education. Anywhere. Despite what liberals want you to believe, your degree always costs you something. Why? Because, unless you plan on holding a gun to your teacher’s head or passing some law that forces someone to be a teacher on their own dime, the resources that validate your degree aren’t free. Just like the electricity that powers our homes or the gas that drives our cars forward, education isn’t manna from heaven, it’s a resource that we pay for. For more on the actual cost for “free education” check out our article on it.

If you don’t like the sound of that, check out places where the grass is supposed to be greener. In the Scandinavian countries Sanders loves so much, students are limited in their choices of education and must choose between an academic track or a vocational one at age 16. They may not even qualify for the academic path and be forced to go the vocational route. Talk about choices. So, what do supporters think will be gained by a Sanders presidency? It can’t be a brighter future.  The facts aren’t there to support it. Students simply won’t be offered the same options if funding is completely taken over by the government.

By the way, in all of this talk about adopting a more European educational system, why would we want to be more like Finland or Sweden? Shouldn’t we strive to be better than every country? Don’t we want a middle class that isn’t burdened by heavy taxes AND has the choice to pursue the high quality degree they want? The irony of socialism is that you can never have both. In all of his claims that we can have our cake and eat it too, Sanders doesn’t realize that socialism is a system that fails to deliver both.

What college students and others don’t realize is that providing the same education for everyone only waters down the value of the product itself. By creating a public school system, anyone can get a high school diploma, that’s why it’s no longer the standard for getting a decent job these days- everyone can get one. Not everyone can get a college education without some sort of qualification, be it saving up for tuition, scholarships, or paying off loans after graduation, which is why it still has value. A student is effectively paying for how much his degree is worth. As soon as a bachelors degree becomes free, it loses it’s value, just like the high school diploma that no one really cares about anymore.

After that happens, will the masters degree become the bare minimum for a decent job? Logically this would seem to be the case.

It’s so obvious, after examining the facts, that Sanders is grossly pandering to an impressionable flock and they’re willing to follow him down the subsidized education path of doom and despair. It’s time millennials realize that nothing is free- if you want a high quality product, you must be willing to sacrifice something for it. Go earn your education.


photo credit: Bernie Sanders NYC Rally January 30, 2016 via photopin (license)

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