• Masculinity Is Never Pretty

    Masculinity Is Never Pretty2

      If you haven’t been paying attention to make up ads- and let’s face it, very few of us do- you may not have noticed the latest development in the cosmetic industry this past week. Covergirl, the decades old company, announced their very first Cover-boy last week, becoming the industry’s renegade for social justice. The

  • Media Remembers Trayvon Martin, The Thug

    Media Remembers Trayvon Martin, The Thug2

    Today marked the anniversary of the death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin, the man who was shot by neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, over four years ago. This wouldn’t normally qualify anyone for commemoration, except that Trayvon was a black kid and Zimmerman was “white”. Trayvon was a victim of systemic racism, activists and news pundits