Student Fired From Paper For Using Term “Illegal Alien”

Student Fired From Paper For Using Term “Illegal Alien”

Social justice warriors will rejoice when they hear that another bigoted student was booted and silenced for his intolerant remarks last week.

Rutgers student, Aviv Khavich, was fired shortly after writing a column for the Daily Targum titled, ‘Enforcement of the law is not anti-immigrant‘. In his column, Khavich used the phrase “illegal alien”, one which his editor changed multiple times. The reason? She claimed the editor-in-chief had qualms with Khavich not using the right Associated Press Style, “undocumented alien”, a term that isn’t AP style. After Khavich confronted the editor about changing the phrase to “undocumented alien”, he was fired the next day, a decision that Khavich says is not coincidence, according to The College Fix:


“I can only arrive at the conclusion, as any reasonable person would, that my termination was a politically motivated move itself,”

Editor-in-Chief, Dan Corey defended himself saying Khavich regularly complained about edits to his columns, edits that were for stylistic purposes or size, not because of the content. Corey insisted that the column, “was not discontinued because he is a conservative”.

Though Corey explained that the termination was, “brought about by behavior that would not be tolerated in any organization”. Khavich gave a thorough argument and challenged the accusation by writing a rebuttal in The Tab, saying that:


“At the slightest questioning of their ‘unbiased editing,’ they jump at the excuse to rid themselves of someone who has been challenging their narrative,”


In the days of “safe spaces” at schools like Mizzou, Wesleyan and Yale University, we’re supposed to believe that students like Khavich run no risk of being targeted by those who are triggered by words like “illegal alien”. When schools like the University of Massachusetts, Amherst dictate whether or not a Halloween costume is offensive (hint- if it includes a sombrero, it is), it’s not outside the realm of possibility for a university to fire one of its only conservative columnists for using such inflammatory language such as actual legal terms like “illegal alien”.




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