Sanders and Clinton Argue Over NRA ratings

Sanders and Clinton Argue Over NRA ratings

Decided to try watching the DNC debate from Sunday…I think I need to take a shot every time one of candidates says “comprehensive gun control”.

I am 30 minutes into the debate and they are already beginning to repeat themselves, a common thing that happens when there’s no real diversity between the candidates. They all basically want the same policies so it has quickly become about who said what and who’s changed their mind about which policy… No one has really changed their minds. The only difference between the candidates that causes any kind of debate is the fact the Bernie Sanders received a D-rating from the NRA.

They all want universal healthcare, they all want “comprehensive” gun control (comprehensive really became the buzzword) and they all believe that there is “systemic racism” within the criminal justice system, aka, the police force. They all cited Freddie Gray, the criminal who fled the police and became irate when he was put into custody. Not one talked about the recent violence against policemen as a result of these social justice movements (black lives matter, stop don’t shoot, etc).

Basically, no one on stage believes in personal responsibility- the prison system is filled with blacks because we are racist, there’s a drug problem in America because pharmaceutical companies are evil, and Americans are poor because the wealthy have taken all the money from them and are evil. It’s never because people make poor choices.

The Left generally sees things in terms of “oppressed” and “oppressor”. People aren’t making $15 dollars and hour, so it must be the company’s fault. People are getting shot in public “gun free zones” it must be the gun manufacturer’s fault. Sanders said that he agrees with Hillary in that “addiction is a disease”. This sums up pretty clearly what their ideology is: It’s not your fault, and even if it is, it isn’t.

They all talked about ending the anger, fear and division from the Republicans, but the real division has come from people like Clinton, Sanders and Obama who create it through pitting whites against blacks or poor against rich, even though research has shown that Americans are some of the most tolerant people.

If I do finish watching the debate, I’m going to have to continue in segments so it doesn’t feel as monotonous as it really is.

photo credit: Bernie Sanders via photopin (license)

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