Samantha Bee Thinks Partial Birth Abortions “Aren’t a thing”.

Samantha Bee Thinks Partial Birth Abortions “Aren’t a thing”.

There are climate deniers…and now there are abortion deniers. One of those deniers is Samantha Bee, “comedian” and host of the TBS network show “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee”. Like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee has taken to conflating comedy with news and last night, Bee gave us her take on one of the most important topics that moderator Chris Wallace raised to each candidate: partial birth abortion.

At one point, Bee is given a megaphone and, facing her audience, proclaims, “Partial birth abortions aren’t a thing!”. Guess what? They are a thing. Are they always referred to as partial birth abortion? No. It’s called an “intact D&X” and it is a real procedure, even if it was outlawed. In nullifying the term partial birth abortion, Bee is hoping to cover up the entire idea and the gory reality of what happens during a D&X.

Here’s the truth. Leftist cronies like funny woman Bee don’t want their audience to know that abortion includes having a baby’s brains sucked out of it’s skull, limbs torn from their sockets, etc. It’s gruesome so they cover it up by declaring it doesn’t exist.

The abortion that does exist, however, is a woman’s right, Bee exclaims. For someone who knocks Republicans for being slow to hop on the climate change bandwagon, Bee herself can’t seem to see the flawed logic in this argument.

At the end of the segment, Bee’s abortion apology rings more like a defense of dismemberment and death than it does of women’s rights.





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