Obama’s SOTU Will Include Terrorist Supporters- Why It Matters

Obama’s SOTU Will Include Terrorist Supporters- Why It Matters

One look at the guest list of tonight’s State of the Union address is reason enough to upchuck any contents in your stomach. In political correctness solidarity, two senators will be bringing with them members of the radical Islamist group CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations. Yes, that terrorist-supporting group.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and Rep Alcee Hastings (D-FL) will be bringing leaders from the group as encouraged by colleagues Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim American elected to Congress and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), Democratic National Committee chairwoman. The representatives say this will help combat the negative rhetoric that’s being used by politicians- *cough* Conservatives *cough*.

Okay, you’re right, not all Muslims are evil jihadists, but is it a smart move to counter the negative (aka, factual) rhetoric with members from a group that’s actually connected to jihadist groups like the Muslim brotherhood and Hamas? Of course it isn’t, but facts aren’t important, it’s about being politically correct.

Instead of inviting members of The Muslim Reform Movement, a group that is better qualified for the seats at SOTU, the congress members have chosen a group with actual ties to terrorists and whose leader has openly supported the Palestinian terror group, Hamas.

Last year, after the San Bernardino attack, the Los Angeles chapter director of CAIR actually suggested that it was, at least partially, America who had fueled the extremism that caused the deaths of 14 and seriously injured 22. More recently, CAIR has asked for GOP contender Trump to apologize to protestor Rose Hamid for being heckled by rally goers . It should be noted that Rose Hamid wears a yellow star pendant, just as the Jews did before and during World War 2, to signify that Muslims are the new victimized minority.

What Hamid doesn’t realize is that Jews are still the primary victims of hate crimes and suicide bombings are still primarily conducted by one minority.

There’s a big difference between a group who is subjected to almost complete devastation and eradication through the most inhumane means and a group who is often responsible for inhumane acts. Muslims have not suffered on the same scale as Jews. They have gone largely unchecked in their conquests. One need not look further than the Muslim call to prayer implemented at Duke University that was only recently retracted. No, Muslims aren’t being wrongly persecuted like the Jews were. If her pendant doesn’t offend the Jewish people, it should.

All of this matters because it’s obvious that left-wing politicians are more concerned with offending Muslims and pushing their agenda than they are with facts and the lives of others. That’s where our concern should lie, in that our own politicians show more interest in a violent religion than the well-being of their own countrymen.

photo credit: campaigning with a smile (Barack Obama in Austin #3) via photopin (license)

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