#NeverTrump Or #NeverHillary- A Case For Both?

#NeverTrump Or #NeverHillary- A Case For Both?

With the increasing likelihood of Donald Trump being the next Republican nominee, Americans are taking to social media to voice their frustration, the biggest results of which have been the #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary movements. Proponents of the former see Trump as a GOP counterfeit who will only betray the conservative values the party was originally founded on, while the latter see Trump as the lesser of two evils. By choosing Trump, they believe the country is still in trouble, but at least the ride over the cliff doesn’t create a sonic boom.

Whatever fragment you find yourself in, it bears breaking down the arguments of both sides and seeing which one holds up.



While the reasons vary, many are choosing the #NeverTrump train largely because he is an about-face to the conservatism America once embodied. With his trade tariffs, leniency on issues like abortion and flexibility concerning the Constitution, Trump is no where near what conservatives were two or three decades ago. Ben Shapiro explains:

I will never vote for Donald Trump because I stand with certain principles. I stand with small government and free markets and religious freedom and personal responsibility. Donald Trump stands against all of these things. He stands for Planned Parenthood and trade restrictions and targeting of political enemies and an anti-morality foreign policy and government domination of religion and nastiness toward women and tacit appeals to racism and unbounded personal power. I stand with the Constitution of the United States, and its embedded protection of my God-given rights through governmental checks and balances. Donald Trump does not. I stand with conservatism. Donald Trump stands against it.

A vote for Trump isn’t just a vote against Hillary Clinton, it’s a vote against values that have made America great. Even if you don’t vote for Hillary, you’re still supporting a man who doesn’t have high views of honesty, integrity and the Constitution of the United States. Supporters of #NeverTrump agree that they’d rather wait until the next election cycle for a real conservative with better values than shift the party even more to left. David French from National Review echoes this statement saying,

But the true battle for our country isn’t political, it’s cultural and spiritual. In an era where fidelity and integrity are in increasingly short supply — with the breakdown of faith and family the chief factors in the struggles among America’s most vulnerable citizens — how can I responsibly cast a vote to give one of the nation’s foremost cultural platforms to a man who has openly, loudly, and unrepentantly bragged of his adulterous sexual conquests? How can I support a man who demonstrates such a breathtaking level of malice and cruelty in his treatment of his fellow citizens? Our nation can survive lost elections, but over the long term it cannot survive a decayed culture. And by God I won’t vote for a man who takes a wrecking ball to the core values I hold dear. (Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/432237/donald-trump-why-i-cant-vote-trump-nevertrump)

#NeverTrump seems to be a group that still has hope and chooses to hold out for the right candidate, not just one who knows how to give establishment figures the middle finger.



Those arguing for a Trump presidency are effectively Princess Leia saying that the businessman is “our only hope”, including author and big-time Trump supporter, Ann Coulter:

Trump is the first presidential candidate in 50 years who might conceivably: (1) deport illegal aliens, (2) build a wall, (3) block Muslim immigration, (4) flout political correctness, (5) bring manufacturing home, and (6) end the GOP’s neurotic compulsion to start wars in some godforsaken part of the world.

Trump has drawn hard lines (although some have been walked back) on some of the issues concerning Americans the most. He’s addressed both the anger and fears of the majority of Americans, even if he’s been unclear on how he’d bring these goals to fruition. The hope is that Trump will bring America closer to the vision we all once had of our beloved country.

Those in the Trump camp also stand by the belief that Trump is the only one standing in the way of a far-left Supreme Court, preventing Hillary from replacing the open seat with another Kagen or Sotomayor, according to David Bosse:

This disastrous outcome would mean that Hillary Clinton would pick Justice Antonin Scalia’s successor and perhaps two additional Supreme Court nominees. 

The logic here isn’t very complicated.  If you support the #NeverTrump movement — for whatever immature reason you convince yourself of — you’re essentially supporting a far-left liberal Supreme Court for the next generation.  We’re all about to find out if this is the true preference of the #NeverTrump crowd.

Those who don’t support Trump, according to Bosse, are immature and need to focus on the possibility of a Hillary-appointed Supreme Court instead of focusing on Trump.

Now, having said that, there’s no evidence that Trump will nominate a conservative Justice. Just as he’s walked back conservative positions on free enterprise and even immigration, he may decide to nominate someone who can simply “make a deal” with him. You may be shaking you head at this notion, but you know it’s within the realm of possibility when you support a man who constantly affirms the idea of negotiating or making deals instead of standing up for morality.

Even if #NeverTrump did decide to throw in the towel and vote for him, polls still show Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump in a general election. I’m not convinced The Donald can win, and it wouldn’t be worth violating one’s conscience just for her to take home the victory anyway.

Placing the blame on #NeverTrump is just erroneous. An individual will never be responsible for the evil and repugnant decisions that Hillary Clinton makes and I do not believe our country’s fate solely rests on which judge sits on the Supreme Court. Our country is ruled by it’s people not it’s Justices.

Is there a case for both views? Sort of, if you still have faith that Donald Trump will do what he says he will. Because in the end, that’s what it will take amidst the stacking evidence against him. A lot of faith.



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