Media Remembers Trayvon Martin, The Thug

Media Remembers Trayvon Martin, The Thug

Today marked the anniversary of the death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin, the man who was shot by neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, over four years ago.

This wouldn’t normally qualify anyone for commemoration, except that Trayvon was a black kid and Zimmerman was “white”. Trayvon was a victim of systemic racism, activists and news pundits insisted. He was just “walking while black”, they said, when Zimmerman shot him in the chest.

Today was no different. The tweets rolled in remembering Trayvon, not as the kid suspended for carrying pot or for his reported sexist twitter comments, but as the kid and saint who was just enjoying enjoying his skittles and iced tea while walking around the neighborhood.



@BlackBrownBaby presumably bribed a group of kids to get this photo.



#HH_Revolution apparently forgot about the trial of George Zimmerman entirely.



One of the biggest flaws, besides the revisionist history going on here, is the false portrayal of Martin as someone who was pure and innocent:



Speaking of revisionist history, Time Magazine published part of an interview of activist Bree Newsome who will be featured in a half-hour special comparing the Civil Rights Movement to today’s movement. Newsome explains that one of the significant events that inspired her activism was the murder of Trayvon Martin. To Newsome, Trayvon Martin was, “kind of like the Emmett Till of my time.”.

How? Emmet Till didn’t smash anyone’s head into the ground. Emmet Till didn’t break anyone’s nose. To equate the death of Trayvon Martin to actual injustice is just deplorable work. George Zimmerman acted in self defense, not violent racism. This twisting of events and character worship is exactly what allows violent and hateful movements like #BlackLivesMatter to thrive in today’s culture.

Newsome goes on to say that:

“The laws and things that were in place- it just kind of highlighted to me that Trayvon could’ve easily have been me.”

Nope, that’s just not true. The only way anyone ends up like Trayvon Martin is if he or she end up on top of a person, beating them and pounding their head into the ground. This is what witnesses reported that they saw that very night.

Just as expected, though, facts don’t matter. Today, on the fourth anniversary of the death of a thug, the left continues to push the narrative that blacks are still victims of the system, and that Trayvon Martin was a saint.


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