It’s Official: Leftists Still Not Happy About Election Results

It’s Official: Leftists Still Not Happy About Election Results

It’s over folks. We can all stop holding our breath and allow the following statement to sink in: Donald Trump will be the forty-fifth president of the United States. Gasp!

Though he didn’t secure more electoral votes than his GOP predecessors as he has insisted (see Reagan, Nixon, Jefferson, Hoover, Lincoln, and H.W. Bush elections, to name a few), Trump nonetheless has officially won, much to the dismay of the Left whose vitriol has been spent crying “Shame!” and protesting outside Capitol buildings. In fact, the reaction from the Left is so laughable since the irony is obviously lost on them. Do we really need to replay the upset caused by Trump’s refusal to accept the election results in the last debate?

Yes. Yes, we do.



CNN’s Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer were also among the crowd, saying Trump’s refusal to accept the election results was a “disastrous answer.”




After the debate, leftists resumed their usual position on their moral high horse proclaiming Trump to be irresponsible and horrifying for not accepting the results of the then presumed Hillary victory. Fast forward to December and we’re witnessing leftists holding signs that say “dump Trump” and disrupting the electoral process in Madison Wisconsin:


So what happened to accepting the election results? It’s simple: when your nominee is winning, the argument for contesting the result is immature and irresponsible. When your nominee loses, your temper tantrum is justifiable. It’s even reasonable to try and persuade electors by offering to pay any fines from voting the other side of the aisle, as Michael Moore did.

Even Obama protested the initial results during his final press conference by saying that the electoral college was an antiquated system that disadvantages democrats:

Long-term with respect to the electoral college, the electoral college is a vestige, that’s a carryover from an earlier vision of how our federal government was going to work that put a lot of premium on states and used to be that the senate was not elected directly, it was through state legislatures and it’s the same type of thinking that gives Wyoming two senators and with about half a million people and California with 33 million get the same two, so there are some structures in our political system, as envisioned by the founders, that sometimes, they’re going to disadvantage Democrats..

Those on the Left who are guilty of the hypocrisy we’ve seen demonstrated only evoke one image in the minds of the rest of us. That image is a small, impetuous child who did not get what they wanted for Christmas. Unfortunately, this kind of response isn’t reserved for just one day out of the year.


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