Homicides Double in City With Strict Gun Laws

Homicides Double in City With Strict Gun Laws

The Chicago Tribune reported two days ago that homicides over the weekend pushed the city’s homicide count to double that of last year’s within the same period. The city has recorded 95 homicides this year so far, while last year had 47. These numbers wouldn’t mean anything, except that Chicago, starting in 1968, has implemented some of the country’s strictest gun laws.

These numbers should shock gun control advocates since it runs contrary to their projected outcomes. Instead, they blame the surrounding states like Indiana for making weapons more accessible for criminals. In a speech to the International Association of Chiefs of Police last year, Obama held tight to this belief saying:

“There are those who criticize any gun safety reforms by pointing to my hometown as an example. The problem with that argument, as the Chicago Police Department will tell you, is that 60 percent of guns recovered in crimes come from out of state. You’ve just got to hop across the border.”

The numbers wouldn’t be so shocking if citizens were given the chance to defend themselves, but they aren’t. Not only does Chicago require a firearms license, which could take over a month to process and approve, the city has also imposed an additional tax on guns and bullets sold within the city.

Even after the handgun ban was overturned by the Supreme Court in 2010, those wanting to protect themselves are held back by additional background checks and a complete assault weapons ban. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, however, insists that more comprehensive gun control measures are needed, according to the New York Times:

“Our gun strategy is only as strong as it is comprehensive, and it is constantly being undermined by events and occurrences happening outside the city — gun shows in surrounding counties, weak gun laws in neighboring states like Indiana and the inability to track purchasing,” Mr. Emanuel said. “This must change.”

The problem with blaming gun shows is that it’s already been debunked. In fact, a recent piece by Steven Crowder proves that laws pertaining to gun show sales make it nearly impossible to purchase firearms at a gun show.

So when we navigate through all the blame-shifting and the scapegoating, we’re left with the impression that the narrative that’s being pushed is more important, even if it’s incorrect. How do Chicago citizens benefit from this? They don’t. Hopes and dreams of a gun-free, violence-free city don’t keep people safe. Ensuring the people have full access to their second amendment right does.





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