Has The Latest FBI Announcement Helped Trump Gain Ground?

Has The Latest FBI Announcement Helped Trump Gain Ground?

Ever since last Friday when we first heard about new information regarding the Clinton email investigation, and subsequently the phrase “Wiener probe”, there’s something that’s on the mind of many Americans. Okay, they’re also thinking about whether or not the Cubs will clinch game 7 of the World Series, but they’re mostly wondering if Trump’s chance of winning the election has been helped by the latest Clinton scandals. The answer- only slightly, so far.

According to RealClearPolitics, ABC News/Washington Post Tracking shows Clinton still ahead of Trump but only by one point, as does Investors Business Daily (IBD/TIPP). Other polls like the LA Times shows Trump ahead by four points while Rasmussen Reports reports a tie between Clinton and Trump.  The only problem is that this is only a two to three point difference from Friday before anyone knew about the emails found on Anthony Wiener’s laptop.

The good news is that states like Texas and Georgia, once thought to be new battleground states for Republicans, now seem to be safe. In a recent CBS poll, Trump earned a 12 point lead in the lone star state while a SurveyUSA poll shows Trump up seven points in Georgia on Monday.

According to FiveThirtyEight‘s election forecast, Trump’s chance of winning has also increased,  doubling from around 15 percent to thirty, something that might give Republicans some much-needed hope, if only a little. The reason for this is that over twenty million voters had already voted before the FBI had announced the news. This is why Trump has been urging voters to go back and change their votes.

Though Clinton’s chance of winning has only marginally decreased, the Democratic Party may only narrowly win the election, unlike the huge victory they were predicting. The Clinton Campaign will surely continue to try and control the aftermath of the FBI’s announcement, but Trump could also gain some momentum in the six days remaining. How much, we’re not sure.


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