Chicago Sees Largest Spike In Homicides In 60 Years

Chicago Sees Largest Spike In Homicides In 60 Years

It seems as though it’s strict gun laws and a wary police force has culminated into another devastating year for Chicago. According to statistics released by the Chicago Police Department, 2016 proved to be the bloodiest in terms of homicides in 20 years, and when combined with 2015 (485 homicides), the largest spike the city has seen in 60 years.

How exactly, with a city and mayor so determined to fight gun violence, did these numbers get so high? Chicago was one of the last hold-outs against concealed-carry. The city has taken great measures to deter anyone from buying a gun- with firearm ownership identification cards that require an application, a concealed-carry license that requires approval, and virtually no gun shops in the city.


One answer- illegal gun ownership.


In addition to the statistics, CPD cited the growing number of illegal guns flooding into the city as a source of the increased violent activity, and the facts support this. The city of Chicago recovers more illegal guns than any other city in the United States. In 2015 alone, CPD recovered 8,300 illegal guns, and 2016 saw an increase of 25 percent in illegal gun confiscation. Even Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has egg on his face. Last year the Governor made it a felony to purchase firearms through the infamous iron pipeline, a term used for firearms purchased in states with lax gun laws, and then bring them into Chicago. So much for that. e

So why, then, do far-left mayors and gun control advocates continue to try and drive through anti-second amendment laws and regulations when the facts point to crimes committed by criminals who don’t exactly abide by the laws?

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson also said violence is up due to the cautious nature of policemen, an effect that can be seen all over the country. Thanks to groups like Black Lives Matter, policemen are afraid of being the next viral video and are less apt to use their gun, even when warranted. Get that? The backlash from social justice warriors is actually standing in the way of protecting and serving our citizens.

Before anyone tries to explain how violence is up due to legal gun ownership, need not look further than Chicago, a champion for gun control. Even the gun show “loophole” has been debunked as a source of increased violence. Check out Steven Crowder’s undercover video to see how he disproved the myth.

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