Capitalism Crushed Further in Seattle With Uber Union Option

Capitalism Crushed Further in Seattle With Uber Union Option

Today, Seattle City Council voted 8-0 in favor of allowing employees of burgeoning companies Uber and Lyft to unionize, according to AP.

If a majority of the workers are in favor of unionizing, they can now be represented by non-profit organizations certified by the city. Of course, all of this only means that the entrepreneurial spirit of America is, once again, kicked aside as Seattle officials debate how much of a hand they ought to have in the destruction of their own economy.

“My intent is to make sure that the people, the drivers, the workers in our community continue to have access to good wage jobs,” Council member Mike O’Brien said. The council members are, however, shortsighted when they do this as unions almost always drive up the costs of doing business.

Lyft shared this sentiment adding that it not only threatened the city, but the privacy of it’s drivers- “Unfortunately, the ordinance passed today threatens the privacy of drivers, imposes substantial costs on passengers and the city, and conflicts with longstanding federal law,” Lyft’s statement said.

Another sentiment that has been echoed in other “social justice” issues was the fact that many Seattle Uber and Lyft drivers want a “living wage”. Of course it has yet to be determined what that would be for the drivers.

Here’s a question for the drivers- what do you think you deserve? Because I guarantee you there’s little chance that’s what Uber or Lyft are willing to pay you.

Now, these mavericks will be forced to pay their employees a “living wage”. Now, these entrepreneurs will have to spend precious time and money making sure their employees have all the benefits they care to ask for. All in the name of social justice.

The truth of the matter is, guys like Uber and Lyft created a product that met a demand. They stimulated the economy through their capitalistic success giving hundreds of thousands of people jobs and a more affordable taxi service. Now, instead of competing with the market, Uber will presumably have to raise it’s prices in order to match the “living wages” of it’s employees who expect such a job to sustain them. But that’s not the point. The point is that every time the government comes into the market, it leaves a wake of ruin, discouragement and greed.



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