Buzzfeed: White People Should Be Ashamed and Embarrassed

Buzzfeed: White People Should Be Ashamed and Embarrassed

Buzzfeed recently released a new video titled “People of Colour From Around The World Respond To ‘White'”, asking people around the world to respond to the word “white” when they see it. The response?

“Privilege. I think, power. Access, luxury,”

Really? Do you know how many programs are in place to accommodate minorities in the education system and in the workplace?

“I think of Iggy Azalea. And Miley Cyrus.”

White people, this should be the worst insult you hear all day, being compared to Miley Cyrus.

“White is a way of being. Doesn’t always mean skin colour. It’s a way of thinking.”

Huh? I guess all white people think the same way…

“When I think about white I think maybe about a group of people who I would love to be in harmony with but don’t always feel that they feel the same way towards me.”

At this point I was hoping for some explanation or flimsy piece of anecdotal “evidence” but none such were delivered. This is how she feels, so it must be true.

“Not understanding. They don’t acknowledge what has happened in the past. They don’t try to understand, as well. They just push it off, and say that it’s in the past.”

I believe we have millions of pieces of literature that suggest otherwise, but maybe they’re wanting a written apology from white people. Also, I didn’t know I was responsible for the sins of my ancestors…It continues:

“What I think of when I see the word “white” the first word that comes to mind would be privilege. Arrogance. Naïve.”

“There are just several things throughout the course of history that white people have taken advantage of.”

Tracy, from New York City states, “Not all of them are wallowing freely and shamelessly in their privilege but it seems like the ones that are, are typically male.’’

More comments include,

“The further away you get from white the harder life can be, sometimes.”

“There are things that I have to think about that they never think about. It doesn’t even cross their mind.”

“They are the average person. They are just people in general.”

White people (in the United States, at least) are a majority of the population, so yes, we are the general population. That’s just a statistic, not a grievance. But wait, it keeps going…

“I want to say helpful, but only helpful so long as it benefits them.”,

“I think privilege is really all of it. Just the ability to be seen as a person.”

Buzzfeed ends the video with at least one message that doesn’t alienate a large chunk of their viewers, however contradictory it appears-

“I’m happy with you if you’re white or black. Pink, yellow red, purple.”

Videos like this prove that white people (white males especially) are the new target of today’s social justice warriors. Instead of showing all the contributions that whites have made to society, including fighting for the rights of other groups, white people are labeled as arrogant, shameless, selfish and devoid of compassion.

I’m not denying that certain groups of people have suffered injustices throughout history, but you don’t hear me exploiting my Irish heritage in order to make New Yorkers feel guilty about the living/working conditions of immigrants in the late 19th century. I also don’t expect people to apologize for past events they had nothing to do with.

Just like racism, white-shaming is awful and divisive. It doesn’t provide facts or solutions, just fuel for more senseless hatred. In fact, if the situation were reversed, these video participants would be up in arms about the video’s blatant racism. Videos like this are false and only serve to undo all the progress that was made during the Civil Rights Movement.

Here’s the Buzzfeed video:


photo credit: 25th April 2014 : Pool of photographers via photopin (license)

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